Monday, May 5, 2008

Zionsville Royalaires: Supermodel

Dear Readers,

This morning, I was presented with a situation that is both very alarming and very real. Clicking through the extensive SHOWCHOIR database at Auschglitz! World Headquarters, I found that some of the best SHOWCHOIR videos have been pulled from Youtube.

Is it possible that our adoration is misinterpreted? Why would crombiedude deny the world a chance to see the Dover Crimson Chorale perform Rupaul's Supermodel?

It's a small comfort, but please try to enjoy this performance from the Zionsville Royalaires:

Typing through Tears,

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bigulgy said...

Auschglitz! world headquarters is located in a disused ICBM missile silo,deep beneath Topeka, Kansas.