Friday, May 9, 2008

Euclid Varsity Chorale: Spice Up Your Life/ Jumpin Jumpin

There is no room for this brand of racial divisiveness in American Showchoir. Or politics.

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Christin said...

That was... Okay, so they made a medley out of two "girl power!" sort of songs (in the most shallow, facile definitions of "girl power!" possible, one that's really more poisonous than helpful, but whatever, it gets worse). The medley bit at the end was cute. But to put the white and Hispanic girls in one group, and the black girls in the other group, put them in opposite-colored shirts, and have the white girls sing a British song and the black girls sing an R&B song... It made the dynamic weird, the constituent parts underpowered, and the whole thing uncomfortable. What the hell.