Friday, April 25, 2008

Paula Abdul Omnibus (Who Knew?)

First, consider the Churchill Showstoppers' 2006 performance of Cold Hearted Snake. Paula's 1989 hit is perfect for a girls' choir (often a feeder for the advanced co-ed group.)

In 2003, Mundelein Sound brought us this medley. It's higher concept, especially in the costume arena, and tackles some big issues: movies vs. TV, early bedtime vs. all night partying. This number is HARD HITTING and features a couple of dynamite soloists.

Though none even touch Paula's oeuvre, you can download Mundelein mp3s HERE!

Rounding out the Paula, is the mysterious Celebration Iowa! They're a high school performance group at Hunter College and they're AWESOME! The soloist is wonderfully wrong for the song and the production design screams KIDS UnIncorporated!
More bits of this stunning 80s medley are on the way...

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Anonymous said...

When I close my eyes and just listen, I swear its me singing.